Mercedes E-Class

Another New Car Protection from InDepth, using CarPro C Quartz. This E-Class AMG Mercedes will benefit a great deal from the CarPro C Quartz, being black, the hardest colour to keep clean the CarPro will protect the showroom shine for a fantastic length of time compared to older technology waxes and paint finishes. This ne [...]

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Skoda Octavia VRS

Another New Car Protection from InDepth, using CarPro C Quartz. With silver being so hard to acheive a real depth of Gloss the better solution is to use the latest type of coatings from CarPro to acheive a slick and well protected finish. The new Octavia looked great with the coating on and really showed [...]

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Range Rover Enhancement

A Beautiful Black Range Rover in for a full Enhancement detail. On the Bonnet Picture you can see the difference an InDepth Detail can make to faded paint. We see this all the time, spider webbing as it is called is caused by bad wash techniques (usually from road side hand car washes). With a [...]

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BMW 1 series

A nice White BMW 1 series in for a InDepthDetailing New Car Protection service, one of our most popular choices at present with the New 64 plates just being delivered to customers. Many of our customers have spent a great deal of time and money choosing the right car for them. They also want to [...]

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BMW Alpina D3 ‘New Car Protection’

Amazing F30 BMW Alpina D3. A real wolf in sheeps clothing for the new range of Alpina models from BMW, this exmple came to InDepth straight from the main dealer before being picked up by the client. They contacted BMW to make sure the car was fully de-contaminated and protected against the elements before being [...]

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Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque new car protection ,coated in carpro c quartz uk version

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