Have you just purchased a New Car. Dont let the dealer ruin your New Car. Indepth Car Detailing can fully prepare your new pride and joy. Paintwork, wheels and glass can all be treated and protected before you collect.

Estimated time: 1-3 days
Estimated cost:  Wax coating from £190, CarPro coating from £250, Gtechniq coating from £400, Opti-Coat coating from £650

  • Paintwork thickness measured and checked on every panel using Defelsko Paint Depth equipment.
  • 30+stage luxury shampoo wash with filtered water heated  i
  • Wheels, arches and door shuts cleaned with gentle degreaser
  • Wheels cleaned with a gentle acid-free wheel cleaner
  • CarPro coating applied to the wheels
  • Multi-stage paintwork decontamination (to remove all embedded contaminants inc iron filings)
  • Hand-dried using super soft and gentle microfibre drying towels
  • 1-Stage Machine Polish correction process (removes light swirl marks)
  • IPA wipe down to ensure all oils are removed from the polishing process
  • Tyres and all exterior plastics cleaned, conditioned and protected
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned.
  • Water repellent treatment to all exterior windows
  • All interior wiped down to remove dust, carpets vacuumed with glass and vanity mirrors cleaned