What can I say… Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU Soner and InDepthCarDetailing.

I love to polish and wax my car on a regular basis and take pride in keeping her in tip top shape. I’m a memeber of the PistonHeads forum and go to a few of the meetings, in general i’m a big car fan!

Now normally i would always try to keep my car waxed with whatever was new on the market but none of them gave me the shine I kept seeing on other cars at the Pistonheads meetings. After a brief chat with a guy who owned a very shiny Clio RS 200, i was pointed in the direction of a full machine polish. So armed with the knowledge I Googled (as you do) on the look out for somewhere near my home in Chelmsford and came across InDepthCarDetailing and the business owner Soner.

After a long talk (bless him I took up half his day!) I went for the full service of a Machine Polish and Correction, interior detail and a wheel refurb (done at a later date).

I’m not joking when I say the difference was like night and day. My Schwarz black BMW has never ever looked like this not even when I walked into the showroom to pick it up. I’ve now booked in for a Monthly visit to keep the car looking this good.