At first I was a bit sceptical that the car could look better than it did, but something always played on my mind and that was the fine scratches I could see in direct sunlight. InDepth explained what could be achieved with a machine polishing service and showed me some examples.

On account of this I booked my car (2009 E92 BMW M3 – my retirement present!)  in for a full correction machine polish. I opted to have this done at my home and I was there the whole time Soner worked on my car and can honestly say it was well worth the money. The level of detail was fantastic and the whole job was much more detailed than I could ever achieve myself, even though I used to be a regular at car shows in the 1980’s with my Mk1 Golf Gti.

The car now shines much brighter, has more depth to the paintwork and looks fantastic in direct sunlight. It reallydoes look like new paint and is also much easier to clean with the surface almost having a teflon like resistance to things sticking to it.

Top service, brilliant results!