A new wash care program that cleans and helps prevent corrosion of the underside that I have recently introduced.

Due to massive demand from clients to wash and help protect the under chassis from winter months of driving , where roads are covered in highly corrosive salts.

The program also cleans the underside that generally never really gets cleaned regardless of the time of year helping to remove all unwanted mud, muck that generally sticks to the underside of a vehicle and remains there helping and aiding corrosion to develop.

With car damage caused by salt corrosion costing the nation £1.2 billion last year.

Snow and ice may have made a retreat at the moment, but salt on the roads is still lingering and although an essential part of winter road safety, many drivers aren’t aware of the damage it can be doing to underside of cars, metal brake pipes, tyres and even air bags. Heavily salted roads mean that checking your car for salt corrosion is more important than ever not only for safety but also for maintaining its value.

The AA says that mud, stuck to the underside of a car, soaks up salt-laden spray and speeds up corrosion.

Professor Tony Hindle of Lancaster Management School, an expert in salt corrosion, comments: “Damage to vehicles occurs when coatings of salt are left on the surfaces causing chemical reactions to re-start whenever these come into contact with moisture. This leads to car depreciation, increased vehicle maintenance and part replacement costs. However, there are useful actions that can be taken by car owners such as washing down and drying your car at the earliest opportunity and regular paintwork wax polishes which are both essential in avoiding corrosion.”

Hot under chassis wash with light protective under chassis wax coating from £150 (studio based only)